D.S. Provance



I love to walk. You never know who you'll meet or what you'll find. Add in a dog and child and walks become even more adventurous.

My Paw Smart books introduce children to dogs and the joys of exploring. Written from a dog's perspective and filled with photos, each book provides fun facts on dogs, other animals, and nature.

In Meet Odie, Odie tells you about himself: why he's called a brindle, reads with his nose, is curious, loves going on walks, and wears a dog tag. Odie enjoys making friends and being petted. He likes car rides, beaches, and stuffed animals and often sleeps with a blue teddy bear.

Odie Explores follows Odie as he teaches a puppy named Phoebe how to have fun in their neighborhood. They find birds, trees, mushrooms, frogs, lizards, insects, and lots more. Phoebe learns chickens sing when they lay eggs and hawks can't ever sing. Male box turtles have red eyes, but female turtles have brown eyes. Bees use five eyes, not two like her, and frogs sleep with their eyes open. Most importantly, Phoebe learns the Odie way to explore: look, listen, sniff.

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Meet Odie - winner of the 2017 Gittle List Best Indie Children Picture Book