Book - Meet Odie

Meet Odie     

This book is a good introduction for children getting their first dog.  Written from a dog’s perspective, it teaches young children about dogs by providing common sense information on taking care and understanding a dog. It offers comparisons on how dogs are similar and different from people. For instance, dogs dream and many snore. Best to get dogs toys that are blue and yellow because dogs don't see "our" red or green.


“In this fun-to-read book with fun-to-see photographs, Odie the Dog tells your young child about his wonderful
life since his adoption from an animal shelter, and while he's at it, he throws in some fascinating (and accurate!) facts about dogs, their behavior, and the amazing things they can do. Odie's ‘voice’ is happy, honest, and easy to understand, which makes him seem like a longtime friend.” 
      - Molly Stone-Sapir, CDBC & CDT, SPCA of Wake County (North Carolina)