About Odie

People are always asking about Odie.  

Is Odie a rescue? 
Yes. The Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA) of Wake County (North Carolina) (www.spcawake.org) rescued Odie from the streets when he was about 3 months old. The staff and volunteers gave him love and taught him manners. They work hard to ensure every rescue finds a good forever home. 

If you are considering adopting a new friend, we encourage you to visit a rescue organization. For suggestions, check out these websites for organizations near you:
Why did you chose Odie? His cute ears got my attention when I saw his website photo, but his kiss sealed the deal. The SPCA of Wake County has a greeting room. When Odie entered, he immediately came over to me and gave me a single kiss on the cheek. At that moment, I knew he was the one for me. 

How old was Odie when you adopted him? His age was estimated to be 7 months. He was adopted on December 3, and we celebrate his birthday on May 3. 

Why did you name him Odie? His formal name is Odin. Odie is a fun version of Odin, the name of a Norse god. He is also called O-O-Odio, Od, or Big Boy.

Does Odie have a microchip? 
Yes. The SPCA gave it to him. Odie also has an identification tag and a rabies tag on his collar. The front of the ID tag shows his name and the back gives his home address and my phone number. If Odie becomes lost, we hope someone finds him quickly and calls me.

What breed is Odie? He is a mixed breed. He likely is part Boxer because of his general appearance and traits. For instance, like Odie, many Boxers are brindles and will give you their back ends (bumpies) to be rubbed. However, Odie does not have the typical Boxer face. 

Frequent other guesses include Great Dane (unlikely given he's tall, but not Great Dane tall), American Staffordshire Terrier, German Shepherd, Plott Hound, and Black Mouth Cur. Most likely, Odie is a little bit of many breeds with his Boxer traits being most prominent. 

What does Odie like to eat? He LOVES most cooked vegetables, especially sweet potatoes.  He likes them better than his favorite cookies.

How much does Odie weigh? He averages about 65 pounds. The vet says Odie is at his ideal weight. Unlike some dogs, Odie is not very food oriented. He would prefer to play, walk, or run than eat. If he is not hungry, he turns down even his favorite food.