About Me

I have always wanted to be a book author. During my more than two decades of managing sustainability projects, I wrote hundreds of technical reports and outreach products to promote technology innovation and deployment. While this work offered many rewards, it did not fulfill my book dream.

I wrote the Paw Smart series for Odie's young friends to answer their many questions. The idea for Meet Odie came when two young neighbors moved away. They had joined Odie and me for several neighborhood walks and we missed them. Their interests and questions, along with those from other neighborhood children, were the catalyst for Meet Odie.

The premise for Odie Explores is Odie teaching Phoebe how to explore and learning about what they found. Phoebe is the dog next door. During the school year, she comes over to play instead of being stuck at home by herself. As a puppy, Phoebe was shy and skittish. With Odie's guidance, she's now bold, curious, and very playful. 

The origin of Odie Explores can be traced back to Ranger Rick. I grew up on his magazines and encourage anyone with children who love the outdoors to get them a magazine subscription. Odie Explores is my tribute to Ranger Rick.